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With the right contacts, with an understanding of market directions, and knowledge, focused investments soars. 

BioTech & Immuno-Oncology




Energy / Clean Tech


Fine Art


With a hands-on investment approach along an established network of industry experts, our extensively vetted deal flow is one of a kind. We offer a proactive investment strategy that looks behind the scenes into the science behind company innovations, which adds a new level of impact to biotech funding. 

Technologies evolve hand in hand with the biotech industry as it is a woven tapestry reaching into every sector of our lives. We find natural and complementary investments as we delve into the biotech space.


Energy commodity resources are limited, and projects often involve long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs) with utilities or other energy consumers. These contracts can provide stable, predictable cash flows over an extended period, making renewable energy land an attractive investment.

Complimenting our more modern portfolios, we understand the depth of wealth one can realize by curating fine art collections. We offer a personalized approach with expertise in guidance and authentication while working with established connections of artists and galleries.

We understand the journey from research to market and the importance of the evolving support between.

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